Beautiful and special sound
The different sections of the Barbara Walton Singers sing as if one voice; such is their clarity and precision. Sopranos, altos, tenors and basses are each controlled and united in their output and the result is a special sound which, when heard at a venue such as St Paul's Church, Newcastle, as it was on Saturday evening, can often be quite haunting.
Under musical director and conductor David Burrowes, they presented a popular programme of sacred songs and arias which was well received by the audience, and their special guest, organist Philip Scriven, only added to what was destined to be a successful concert.
There were numerous highlights throughout the night but Glyn Aubrey and Michael Redfearn's performance of Au Fond du Temple Saint from Bizet's Les PÍcheurs de Perles (The Pearl Fishers) will stand out for a long time to come. Beautiful is an understatement.

Liz Rowley, the Sentinel, 15th October, 2007